Extend Your Reality

Augmented Reality for everyone on a single app. Create, share, and view stunning and immersive AR experiences on CitySee.

Feature 01


Bring things to life with CitySee, and create experiences in Augmented Reality we could only imagine a few years ago.

Feature 02


Make the pages literally jump out of their books; deliver memorable lessons using AR and the smartphone all pupils have at hand, always.

Feature 03


Apply Augmented Reality technology to assist the visually impaired with navigating daily life in a bustling city.

Feature 04


Give your guests a memorable welcome, lead them to destinations, and empower them fully even in a new and strange city.

Feature 05


Advertise anywhere, without need for permits or creating any visual pollution. Entire buildings can be your billboards!

Feature 06

Real Estate

The one truly immersive real estate listing, and the only substitute to viewing a property in person. Showcase properties built or on plan with AR.

Unlimited for all

The possibilities for Augmented Reality are endless and limited only by imagination. CitySee is both iOS and Android, available free, and ready for action

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